Scaphoid Fracture – Plano, TX
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Scaphoid Fracture

The wrist is composed of eight small carpal bones and two bones from the arm (radius & ulna). The smaller bones are arranged in two rows under the base of the hand. Scaphoid is a carpal bone located at the thumb side of the wrist. A sudden blow or an injury to the hand may cause it to break and lead to a Scaphoid Fracture.

Classification Of Scaphoid Fracture

  • Non-Displaced Fractures – Bone may have cracked but remains at its proper location.
  • Displaced Fractures – The bone is broken into pieces which move from their normal position.

Causes Of Scaphoid Fracture –

  • Falling with an outstretched hand
  • An injury during vehicle collision
  • Symptoms Of Scaphoid Fracture
  • Pain and swelling on the thumb side of the wrist
  • Difficulty in grasping objects

Diagnosis Of Scaphoid Fracture

During the physical examination the doctor may look for swelling, tenderness and bruising in the affected area. He may also inquire about the cause of injury and any history related to the condition.

To further evaluate the extent of damage, the doctor may ask the patient to get an X-Ray test. This may help him to visualize the bone and see if it has been dislocated or not. Other imaging tests such as MRI and CT scans may also be suggested to anticipate the damages caused to the surrounding soft tissues.

Treatment For Scaphoid Fracture

Non-Surgical Treatment

  • To speed up the recovery process, the doctor may keep the affected hand into cast or splint for some days. This may help the bone to realign to its normal position.
  • The doctor may also advice the patients to use a bone stimulator. This device sends ultrasonic or electromagnetic waves to the injured area and promotes healing.

Surgical Treatment

  • Reduction -   In this process the orthopedic surgeon may stabilizes the structure with screw fixation. Anesthesia may be administered to the patient in the beginning of the surgery. The surgeon may make a small incision at the thumb side of the wrist to fully expose the scaphoid. A screw may be placed using a guide wire across the fracture. The screw may compress the fracture as the threads pass the fracture line. The incision may be closed and the wrist may be bandaged.
  • Bone Graft – A new bone may be placed near the broken bone to stimulate the healing process. The graft may be taken from the forearm or thighbone.

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