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Dr Victoria D Knoll is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand and wrist surgery. She provides hands on treatment for a wide range of wrist problems including wrist injury, trauma, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Plano and Frisco TX.

Sports injuries of the hand & wrist

Players often suffer from various hand and wrist injuries while playing sports. These injuries result in swelling, pain, stiffness, and restricted movement of hand. Some of the common types of sports injuries include:

Sprains and Strains

Sports persons often suffer from sprains and strains. A sprain is a condition in which the ligaments are twisted, stretched or torn. The pulling of muscle is known as strain, which happens when tissues and muscles are stretched or torn. The wrist sprain is common in sports activities that involve excessive use of hands. Some of the common symptoms of wrist sprain include any type of deformity, swelling, bruises, heat, stabbing pain, etc. Minor wrist sprains may be treated with cold therapy; however, casts and surgery may be required if there is severe damage.

Wrist and Hand Fractures

Sports persons are often vulnerable to wrist fracture or any other bone fracture. Heavy impact, forceful pull, and even repetitive activities displace the bones and produce cracks. Serious fractures can cause complications if not treated promptly. The common symptoms of broken bone are swelling and inflammation around the wrist. The major causes of wrist fracture are twisting, falling on the wrist and being hit by a forceful object. Similarly, hand fracture occurs when extreme force applies on the ligaments and joints of the hand.

ECU Tendonitis

Extensor Carpal Ulnaris (ECU) Tendinitis commonly occurs in athletes and players who repeatedly use their wrists. Such games include volleyball, lawn tennis, basketball, baseball, etc. The heavy use of wrist leads to Tendonitis of the tendons on the backside of the wrist. Abnormal twisting, applying pressure on wrists, and turning can lead to ECU Tendonitis.

Baseball Finger

Excessive damage of the extensor tendon produces finger deformity, which is known as a Baseball Finger. It occurs among players who play ball sports such as cricket, hockey, football, etc. It occurs when a high paced ball hits the thumb and dislocates the extensor tendon. It may also dislocate and break the finger bone. You may find it difficult to straighten your fingers and feel severe pain.

DeQuervain’s Syndrome

In this condition, the tendons between the thumb and the wrist snap. It is a painful condition, which is known as DeQuervain’s Syndrome. It occurs due to trauma of thumb and wrist. Even Arthritis and grasping can be the causes of the problem. Other symptoms include swelling and affected wrist motion.

Jersey Finger

Jersey Finger is a rare sports injury that affects the flexor tendons. While grabbing the jersey of another player, you may expose your tendons to risk of breakage. It may result in swelling and pain in the fingers and possibly finger fracture. The treatment involves a surgery through which the orthopedic surgeon reattaches the tendons.

Prevention of sports related wrist and hand injuries

Sports persons are vulnerable to a number of serious injuries; therefore, they must take some measures to prevent these injuries. It is crucial to take the sports injuries seriously as ignoring pain can cause severe consequences. While playing, it is important to wear protective gears such as wristbands, wrist guards, etc as it can prevent serious damages. Players are also advised to use proper techniques while playing as improper techniques can cause severe injuries.

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