Dr. Knoll is a Frisco, TX based hand surgeon specializing in the treatment of various orthopedic conditions. She used advanced surgical as well as non-surgical approaches to provide relief to the patients and help them gain complete functionality of the hand.

Hand Fracture

The human hand is a framework of bones known as the phalanges (bones in the fingers) and metacarpals (long bones). This frame is supported by tendons, ligaments and muscles which enable movement of the hand and fingers. A fracture may affect any of these bones and cause pain, swelling, deformity as well as loss of function. Fractures which affect the joint may lead to Arthritis. In case of children, a fracture may disrupt the growth of the injured bone.

Causes Of Hand Fracture

  • A direct fall on the hand
  • Forceful twisting or turning of the hand
  • Sports injury
  • Accidental crushing of the hand
  • Punching or hitting with the hand

Symptoms Of Hand Fracture

  • Pain which may become severe with movement
  • Stiffness in the hand
  • Inability to move the fingers or the hand
  • Bruises, tenderness, swelling and redness may also occur
  • Deformity
  • In case of severe injury the bone or a piece of it may be pushed out of the skin
  • Numbness or weakness in the hand or arm may be felt
  • Fracture callus or a bony bump may be visible at the point of injury
  • In case a finger is fractured, it may appear shorter

Diagnosis Of Hand Fracture

  • Physical examination of the injured hand by the orthopedic doctor to assess the range of motion and sensation which is lost/intact
  • X-ray scan may be required to view the severity of damage and level of displacement, if any
  • The doctor may also check for nerve damage in any part of the hand

Treatment For Hand Fracture

  • Rest the injured hand on an elevated surface
  • Anti inflammatory drugs and pain killers may be prescribed to combat pain and swelling
  • Use of a splint or cast to hold the bone in place until it heals may be recommended if there is no displacement
  • Closed Reduction- the doctor may manually put the displaced bone back in position and use a cast or splint to stabilize it
  • Use of pins, metal screws and plates in some cases to support the broken bone or joint. These may be placed internally or externally depending on the type of injury
  • Bone graft- artificial parts or a piece of bone may be taken from another part of the body for bone graft in case the patient’s bone has been severely damaged or crushed
  • Physical therapy may be recommended after the bone has been set to avoid loss of motion and combat stiffness.

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