Boxer's Fracture - Frisco, TX
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Boxer's Fracture

Boxer’s Fracture or Brawler’s Fracture refers to the breakage of the metacarpal bones that connects the finger bones and wrist. These bones form the knuckles in the hand and are five in number. Boxer’s Fracture mainly occurs in the neck of the fourth and fifth bone i.e. in the little or ring finger.

Causes Of Boxer's Fracture

  • Punching a hard surface with a closed fist
  • Accidently hitting the unclenched hand
  • Sports injury
  • Breaking a fall using the hand
  • Automobile accidents
  • Twisting of the hand

Symptoms Of Boxer's Fracture

  • Pain and swelling around the little finger
  • Snapping or popping sensation in the finger
  • Bruised and deformed appearance
  • Misalignment of the finger bones
  • A sunken, misaligned knuckle
  • Reduced mobility of the hand
  • In severe cases, a cut may be observed

Diagnosis Of Boxer's Fracture

  • Physical exam: A doctor may carry out a physical examination of the hand to check for symptoms of fracture. The patient may be asked about the cause of injury and extent of pain.
  • X-Ray: It may be required to examine and confirm the fracture. Usually swelling, deformity and tenderness indicate fracture.

Treatment For Boxer's Fracture

Non Surgical Treatment

  • Ice pack: It can help to reduce pain and swelling immediately after the injury.
  • Elevation: In order to minimize swelling and loss of blood due to cut, elevating the injured hand above the heart level may be helpful.
  • Immobilization: To avoid further injury to the hand, it may be advised to immobilize it using a splint. Lifting and other strenuous activities should be avoided.
  • Medication: The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate pain. In case of an open fracture, antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection.
  • Casting: The cast helps to keep the broken bone intact and helps in immobilizing the hand joint. The type of splint or cast depends on the extent of angulation (or misalignment) of the fractured bone.

Surgical Treatment

Most open fractures and severe accidents require surgical treatment. The doctor may use implants such as screws, wires and plates to realign the bone. In growing children, these implants are surgically removed after healing to allow the bones to grow. In adults, they may or may not be removed.

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